• Name Alison Scott
  • Location Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • Phone 604-908-4176
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When Alison Scott combines her creative talents with local resources, and vision to promote ingenuity in the market and inspire others, Heart-Warmers is the result! Heart- Warmers allow fashionistas to express themselves through divers, locally made creations.


These authentic creations are easy on the environment and warm on the heart. Heart-Warmers are made within a 100 mile radius. Locally components have been selected which means that fabric, labels, sewing and assembly are not outsourced to developing countries.


Alison supports local businesses, which she believes strengthens both local markets and communities. Qualities are sure to contribute to the success of any entrepreneur. Heart-Warmers is a business driven by well being and empowerment, rather than maximum profits- you can feel the love in these products! Style you can feel great about!